Deck Department - Day Cruise Roving Patrols


1.      Before the cruise, familiarize yourself with location of fire stations, including portable extinguishers.

2.     The Bridge will be security control central.  Direct reports there, normally by radio.

3.     Relieve the off-going watch at the after gangway area and complete the following:

             a.     Ensure radio is on and correct channel selected.  Get radio check.

                  b.    Pass on any information or unusual conditions

c.      Pass on any standing orders.

     4.     During patrols

a.     Move about the entire ship except the engine room.  (Docents and engine room personnel will remain vigilant in engine room spaces.)  High places provide the best view. 

b.    Look for suspicious activity, packages, bags, etc.

c.      Be on the alert for and politely correct any and all safety violations.  

d.    Be sure to check #4 and #5 ‘tween decks and after steering on occasion.

e.     Ensure that secure spaces (gear lockers, mast houses, and especially access to holds etc.) remain locked.  Emergency gear lockers should remain unlocked during cruises.